Mold Testing Results



Mold Testing Results

Mold Testing Results form the baseline for the layout of the mold remediation plan. Mold Response Team usually produce well layout results that are quite easy for the home owner to understand and easily interpret with minimal assistance.

Mold testing result is the third stage in our mold inspection process stages. After scheduling for the appropriate date of mold inspection, Mold Response Team Florida experts arrive to carry out the recommended inspection in the affected area.

The results are not gotten from the initial inspection as the samples are collected and then taken to the laboratory for further analysis. This is to determine whether the level of mold is hazardous or not. After completion, a rep from MRT gets in contact with the client to explain the results.

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Contents of the Mold Testing Results

Mold Response Team take a holistic approach towards its mold inspection process and that is why we ensure that every room is inspected for mold. The major contents of the mold testing results include;

  • Mold Score

Mold score is basically the severity of the mold infestation. This clearly indicates the likely hood of the source and the overall exposure level. MRT inspects the air quality and surface to determine the type of mold and the hazardous level.

  • Types of Mold

Though not all fungi are toxic, some might pose serious health problems when in large concentrations.  The lab results indicate clearly the type of mold present in the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, garage and any other room in the house. The level of every type of mold found is also clearly indicated. A clear guide is given to help you interpret the results on your own.

  • Other Particles

Air contains many components and the air quality in your house can be contaminated by particles like pollen, dust and so much more which are documented on the mold testing results.

Interpreting Mold Testing Results

Mold Response Team have experts who will guide you through the results. If your house is free of hazardous mold then a clean bill of health is given in form of a certificate to indicate that your house has already been inspected and is free of mold.
For those whose mold testing results produced positive results for mold infestation there is no need of writing off your infected property. This is because MRT will connect you to highly qualified and experienced mold remediation companies that will help you clear the problem permanently.
In addition, Mold Response Team offers free advice and necessary help as the remediation process takes place.

MRT Mold Testing Results

Cases of mold infestation are unlikely to end any time soon. The only way of curbing mold is through effective preventive measures. MRT offers great help to clients from the inspection, production of detailed and reliable results and advice on proper remediation measures.

We don’t leave your side until it is guaranteed that your house is 100% free from hazardous level of mold.  MRT works with the remediation company to ensure that every type of visible or non visible harmful mold spotted is cleared out. Schedule an appointment with us and get the most accurate Mold Testing results for your house.

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