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About us

MRT is a family owned and operated Mold inspection and Testing Company started with the sole purpose of completely eradicating mold infestation in many homes in Florida. We have long provided successful diagnosis even in the most stubborn mold infestation situations.

MRT use the latest and advanced diagnostic scientific equipment to deliver a very high percentage of accuracy in the results. The results are then certified by Independent Accredited Laboratories thus increasing the credibility of the final results.

MRT is not exclusive to mold testing so we also provide lasting diagnostic solutions towards constant water leaking and air quality. This diversification enables us to provide holistic services towards providing a healthy and habitable home.

There are different types of mold that bring about a multitude of health problems. In order to completely clear out mold infestation, there is need for diagnostic measures that determine the type of mold and how to completely get rid of this health hazard.

The old scrapping out of mold dinosaur methods that are still being practiced by other companies produces a cyclical recurrence of mold infestation. Mold eradication requires a precise and accurate process and that is why MRT’s mold identifies the cause then creates a testing report and finally documents the problem in written protocols detailing how to remove and correct the mold problem for future reference.

If you suspect mold growth, have suffered from a leak or flooding, or simply wish to have a peace of mind about the quality of the indoor air you breathe, we can perform an air sampling tests and visual inspections to make sure you and your family lives in a safe zone free from all health hazards associated with mold, constant humidity from water and poor indoor air quality.

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